Neutral Colors

by Nancy Hellstrom

Is Choosing a Wall Color Difficult?

If you’d like to decorate or re-decorate,  and you  just can’t quite decide on wall colors – going neutral is a great idea. Although the idea of neutral walls doesn’t sound quite as exciting as a bold red or bright yellow, it can be a stunning choice. Neutral colors can be very beautiful  and opens up all of your accessorizing options. They give you a clean canvas and a beautiful backdrop for splashes of color, rich woods and wonderful textures. They work well with natural fabrics and earth tones as well as subtle patterns and brighter colors.

Neutral colors blend well with all other colors, they don’t compete. Instead they put the focus on other colors in your space. Black, white and beige are not your only choice, neutral colors can exist in every color group. They range from traditional grays and whites, to the dusty blues, muted reds, sandy browns, soft yellows, subdued greens and many other quiet earth tones.

Neutral colors can be dark or light:

Light Neutral Colors – Use these in smaller spaces where you would like to create a more open feeling. Choose a neutral color for the walls and possibly another for moldings or architectural accents. These colors might include white, cream, yellow, pale gray and sandy brown.

Dark Neutral Colors – These colors can include slate gray, subdued greens, dark blues, warm browns and muted reds. They can create a very elegant looking space. If the room feels too heavy, you could mix in some softer neutral colors to lighten things up.

When getting specific about the color that you want, pull a color from something else that will either be introduced to the room or that is remaining in the room, such as carpeting, draperies or a piece of furniture. Narrow your choices down to 2-3 colors, buy a quart of each and paint on sample boards that can be matched to your color inspiration.

If choosing colors for your walls is difficult for you, give me a call. I am a trained Color Consultant and would enjoy creating a beautiful color palette for your home.

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