What is the Feeling in Your Kitchen?

by Nancy Hellstrom

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where friends and family love to gather, visit and most of all eat. Much like the heart in your body, you want it to be healthy to support all the people and activities that depend on it.

Just as you want good food from your kitchen, you also want good feng shui in your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that is predominantly compatible with the Yang energy which is the stronger of the Yin and Yang energies.

A good Feng Shui kitchen meets the following criteria:

  • Flow – Good lighting, ventilation, hygiene and air circulation are key elements.
  • Declutter – Clutter has a tendancy to pull the room’s energy down, robbing it of its freshness. In a room where food is prepared and eaten, the room and the food should feel fresh and inviting.
  • Color – Because a kitchen is basically made up of cabinetry, there isn’t a lot of wall space for color. White is one of the best feng shui colors for a kitchen because it represents purity and a clean healthy look. It is also good for reflecting the natural light of a room. Yellow is a great color for a kitchen, it is known for aiding digestion. Accessories, trim and textiles can add a vibrant splash of color to help bring the room into balance.
  • Simplicity – Keep the kitchen simple, keeping counter tops free of clutter and appliances.
  • Bring Life – Keep fresh flowers and fruits or living plants on the table or countertop to add freshness and energy.
  • Kitchen Triangle – The concept of the kitchen triangle holds true in feng shui. The stove which represents fire and the sink and the refreigerator which represent the elements of water should be kept separated, because fire and water don’t mix. This helps to keep the two elements from clashing as well as makes a good working pattern.

If parts of your life are feeling out of balance, if you would like to incorporate Feng Shui into your home, your life or your office, give me a call. I have been trained in Feng Shui at the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute.  206-282-2323

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