Yin and Yang – What Does It Mean?

by Nancy Hellstrom

Yin and Yang are ancient Chinese philosophical terms, with the Yin Yang Theory being a fundamental part of Feng Shui. It is a Chinese theory on the perspective of continuous change and balance.

The theory is that all things in the universe have an opposing force, and though they are opposing, they are very interconnected. 

These forces are represented in the yin yang symbol with black and white. The black symbolizing the Yin energy, while the white symbolizes the Yang energy.

  • Yin is the passive energy of silence, slow and relaxed movements, and deep darkness, and is the predominant energy of sleep, resting, relaxing and replenishing.
  • Yang is the active energy and is symbolized by bright lights, strong sounds and bright colors. It is the prominent energy for such times as working in a busy office or enjoying a good party.


Yin and Yang are a duality – one cannot exist without the other:

Yin and Yang - Interior Shift

Feng Shui decorators not only understand the need for harmony and balance, but also realize that they can be achieved through color and design. It is understood that colors directly influence the way we feel about our surroundings and poor design can leave us feeling unsettled and even agitated.

Each room in your home should find a yin and yang balance. Rooms that feature large, dark heavy furniture should be balanced with  brightly colored accessories such as a picture or throw pillows. While if a room is bright, bold and colorful, perhaps the balance could be found in neutral colors that are represented in drapes or other textiled accessories.

When choosing colors, furnishings and accessories for your home, remember that while yin and yang represent opposites, they also represent complimentary and an interconnection.

If parts of your life are feeling out of balance, if you would like to incorporate Feng Shui and Yin Yang into your home, your life or your office, give me a call. I have been trained in Feng Shui at the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute.

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